I am so in love with Roxy my blond London escorts


Roxy is my favorite London escort girl. I have known her for more than two years now, and I should say I do really love her charm together with her blond hair which makes her so appealing to look up with. Not only that, she makes me feel so in love with her capabilities of being when it comes to sex. Roxy allows me to experience the things that is very much needed for love making. He let me know the different tips in making sex with love.

  1. The best Love making begins outside your bedroom.
  • Given the time to plan your encounter then do some effort on having a shave and bath, wear some sexy lingerie. Let your partner finds your good look and sexiness.
  1. Bring out the fun.
  • Do not be afraid to be animalistic once in while especially in doing sex. Do some unusual things that you do to seduce your partner. Be wild and never entertain shame in doing your nasty things.
  1. Do play all the way.
  • Make sure that you spend so much time on role playing before you push through the climax. Exhibit the longings of orgasm for half an hour wherein you both wanted the climax desperately.
  1. Go look for the G spot.
  • Both women and man have their own sensitive spot. If you are going to find then focus on their. Give deep and gentle penetration to the spot in order to release the best climax ever.
  1. Do some combination.
  • While doing the kissing unto the sensitive spot put some chocolates on their and allow to sip it lustfully. Be very gentle and wild while doing the playing using your silly tongue. Enjoy the moment as if you’re tasting the best chocolate in the universe.
  1. Provide a soft and seductive massage.
  • As a sort of doing the first attempt of touching his body. Give him a soft but seductive massage. Allow your hands and feet run into his sensitive spot and do it simultaneously.
  1. Do some adventures in doing sex.
  • Do not just rely on having sex on your bedroom. Try some parts of your house like in the kitchen, dining, living room, entertainment room, and bathroom and in the garden. You could have lots of places that you could have had your sex with. Going into new places gives another sort of excitement to sex.
  1. Engage into sex playing.
  • Have some fun playing your partner’s nipple, genital, neck by kissing, licking and sucking it. Always finds it healthy and necessary. You would really enjoy the orgasm that it would brings on you and to your partner.
  1. Try out trending sex positions.
  • There are lots of sexual positions that you could do. Do not just rely on what you use to do. Try some new positions that you both will enjoy.
  1. Have a try with sex toys.
  • Allowing your partner used sex toys could help him do simultaneous orgasm. Sex toy will help to further nourish lust into the body and soul.

Those are the love making tips that Roxy allows me to experience with, and I should say it was all perfect. This is the main reason why I love Roxy that much. Because he let me feel so especial by doing all this things to me. She has no hesitation in doing all this to me. In fact I found myself everyday with her because I always find the need to be her because of how great sex partner and a lover she is. Despite of the fact that she is a London escort babe she makes me sure that I have nothing to worry about when it comes to her other clients because she only do all these things especially for me. That’s how she value and honors me. I am so confident with our relationship wherein I could not find the chance of looking to some other girls. Roxy owns everything that a man needs. So why should I look for others in which I have the best escort around London.